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Away Grounds

 At Away Grounds, we are specialists in providing all information you need for the perfect away day at stadiums across the UK. Below we have listed just a few of the top stadiums and can offer information on all of them on our website!

A Football match is not just 22 players on the pitch. The audience plays a key role in this. The design of the stadium and the space it creates can have dire consequences for players and officials, which may even affect the outcome.

If you are a football fan, you probably want to know the best football stadiums in all of Uk : these stadiums have hosted hundreds of exciting games, each of which changed the history of English football and left memories for all the fans who sat in their seats and witnessed the events.


Wembley is the largest stadium in London. There are arenas for games and concerts. Wembley Stadium is home to club football. The stadium with a capacity of 90,000 is the official home of the English national football team and also hosts the semi-finals and finals of the national tournament. Although Wembley is specially designed for football, it can be adapted for sporting events, although it reduces its capacity by 30,000. The stadium is often visited by foreign athletes as well as local football fans. In general, apart from the sport of Wembley, there is not much to offer. However, the area can be a good base for visiting London.

Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium is one of the most modern Away Grounds in the world, dominating the skyline of the area. It is the third-largest stadium of all types in the UK after Wembley

This stadium is in the shape of a bowl with 4 floors or levels and a maximum capacity of 60,400 seats. This unusual bowl shape looks very impressive during the day, but even more impressive at night thanks to the spectacular stadium lights. Sitting here with relatively inexpensive standard ball seats other than premium seats that are as close to the center of the action as possible, viewers have a wide variety of options.

Anfield Stadium

Football fans socialize when they travel to Liverpool for a weekend or short break. Despite everything you travel to this mysterious city - whether on business or pleasure - if you love football, you must visit one of Liverpool's most exciting landmarks - Anfield Stadium. Anfield has been home to Liverpool since its inception. The stadium was built in 1884 and originally hosted Everton FC, so club disputes were avoided. Every Liverpool fan should visit Anfield at least once. Whether you are visiting the city for work or vacation this is a great reason to visit during your stay. Liverpool has been winning and losing on the pitch for over a century, making Anfield a haven for true Liverpool fans.

Old Trafford,

Old Trafford, dream theater and home of the world's most popular and successful soccer teams - Manchester United. The Red Devils have lived at Old Trafford under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson since their construction in 1910, except for an eight-year absence from 1941 to 1949 following the bombing of the stadium during World War II. Old Trafford is a versatile stadium with 75,957 spectators. There are also VIP and seasonal hospitality lodges, executive lodges, restaurants, and numerous catering establishments. There are four closed covered stalls around Old Trafford, known as North, East, South, and West Decks.

Olympic Stadium

The stadium has become an exhibition Away Grounds for the Games, hosting the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as sports competitions for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Located in Stratford, London, the stadium has a capacity of 80,000 and is the third-largest stadium in the UK. The lower row of the stadium has 25,000 seats, while the higher, lighter row can accommodate an additional 55,000. The top row can be disassembled after games, reducing the capacity.

Away Grounds

 At Away Grounds, we are specialists in providing all information you need for the perfect away day at stadiums across the UK. Below we have...